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Made it Italy, the FVR Series Vesuvio Wood Fired Ovens are in modular form for ease of installation and are provided in modular DIY kit form consisting of the cooking floor and crown components. The cooking floor is made from ‘cotto clay’, not concrete, allowing for maximum heat retention and perfect baking.

Easy to build, each kit includes:

  • modular oven
  • pre-cast brick arch
  • metal door
  • manifold
  • insulation (high grade fibre ceramic blanket)
  • refractory mortar (for sealing outer joints)
  • installation instructions
  • stainless steel flue 900mm length and rainhat
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Vesuvio Residential Oven FVR120

Inner Dimensions:

Outer Dimensions with Arch:
132 x 147cm

Inside Crown Height:

Arch Opening:
50 x 30cm


Flue Diameter:

Wood Consumption:
6kg/hr @ 300ºC

Pizza Capacity (28 – 30cm ø):

Heating Time:
100 mins (from cold oven to 300ºC)

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Specs for Render Finish


Benefits of a Vesuvio Residential
Woodfired Pizza Oven

  • Choice of Pre-Cast Modular or Pre Assembled pizza ovens.
  • Presents a spectacular cooking display, adding ambience.
  • Low maintenance cooking.
  • Cost effective operation with a choice of wood only, gas only or gas/wood combination pizza ovens.
  • Fast cooking times – a pizza will cook to perfection in 2-3 minutes.
  • Ability to cook an array of different foods – from pizzas to your complete menu.
  • Enhanced flavours – your customers will love the Versatility – ability to utilise different cooking methods; baking, braising, stewing, sautéing, grilling, moking, roasting, searing in juices, maintaining moisture & flavour, preventing food from drying.
  • Extremely durable and – built to last.
  • Made in and fully imported from Italy.
  • Easy to install.
  • 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.
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Originating from Tuscany, Italy, crafted by the Valoriani and enjoyed by everyone.

Vesuvio now brings the finest quality wood fired pizza oven range to Australia. The Valoriani Wood Fired Ovens are internationally rewarded and approved for the Australian market.

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