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At Vesuvio Wood Fired Ovens, we understand the importance of having not only the right equipment for your restaurant, but a dedicated and experienced team behind you to ensure your success.

We pride ourselves not only on supplying premium Italian made wood fired ovens for professional use, but also the emphasis we place on providing the best customer service in the industry.


The team at Vesuvio Wood Fired Ovens will guide you in selecting the right oven for your needs and budget. Our Sydney showroom has a number of professional wood fired ovens on display and if required, we can come to your premises and discuss your needs in further detail. For our interstate clients, we have a number of dealers who can assist you.


We supply the largest range of commercial wood fired ovens in Australia. With four models and various sizes in each range, we have 23 professional ovens for you to choose from. With ovens arriving every 3-8 weeks from Italy, our stock levels are quite high.


Installation of our modular wood fired ovens (GR Series) is easy and the perfect choice when access is limited. Generally a builder can assemble the oven within a day, or we can organise one of our experienced installers to do this for you. Our Igloo, Verace and OT models come pre-assembled and can literally be wheeled into place.

Gas Option

If you are purchasing a gas kit, which is a Type B appliance, with your oven, it is essential you have a licensed gas fitter connect the gas and AGA approval must be obtained. This is not included in the cost of the oven.


At Vesuvio Wood Fired Ovens, we specialise in pizza making tools and accessories. We stock an extensive range of Italian made Regina Pizza tools and accessories, offering high quality and reliability at reasonable process. For a comprehensive view of our range, please see our tools page.

Consulting Services

With over 20 years experience in the pizza industry, Vesuvio Wood Fired Ovens will help you meet the challenges of running a successful restaurant.

Our consulting services include:

Equipment Purchase

Guide and assist with purchasing the right equipment for your kitchen. We will match the best products for your needs and budget.

Kitchen Design

Plan and design the best kitchen for your space and required functionality, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity.

Menu Design

Design and develop the right pizza menu for your chef, restaurant, location and clientele.

Menu Costing

Once the menu is in place, we will advice on setting the right price for your pizzas’ and show you how to avoid wastage, thereby increasing profits.

Staff Training

One on one or small groups, pizza chef courses are available at beginner, intermediate, advanced and master levels ensuring consistent staff development.

Observations and Reviews

Onsite observation of your pizza restaurant and regular reviews to ensure you stay on the right track. Flexibility is built into our plans so that changes can be made as required.


We are able to ship our ovens Australia wide and New Zealand direct from our Sydney warehouse or via your local distributor. Ovens are shipped in crates to ensure they are well protected.

Benefits of a Vesuvio Commercial
Woodfired Pizza Oven

  • Choice of Pre-Cast Modular or Pre Assembled pizza ovens.
  • Presents a spectacular cooking display, adding ambience.
  • Low maintenance cooking.
  • Cost effective operation with a choice of wood only, gas only or gas/wood combination.
  • Fast cooking times – a pizza will cook to perfection in 2-3 minutes.
  • Ability to cook an array of different foods – from pizzas to your complete menu.
  • Enhanced flavours – your customers will love the Versatility – ability to utilise different cooking methods; baking, braising, stewing, sautéing, grilling, moking, roasting, searing in juices, maintaining moisture & flavour, preventing food from drying.
  • Extremely durable and – built to last.
  • Made in and fully imported from Italy.
  • Easy to install.
  • 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.
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Originating from Tuscany, Italy, crafted by the Valoriani and enjoyed by everyone.

Vesuvio now brings the finest quality wood fired pizza oven range to Australia. The Valoriani Wood Fired Ovens are internationally rewarded and approved for the Australian market.

We understand that every customer is unique and has different needs and requirements. Our reputation confirms that we are truly professional in our approach and provide a friendly and personalised service.  View more

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