Professional Woodfired Ovens

Choosing the Right Oven

How do you know to choose the right oven?
It is important when choosing a wood fired oven to check the materials and design. A poor design and lack of quality construction will result in insufficient heat retention and an inefficient oven.

The interior oven walls and overhead crown elements should have no flat surfaces. Flat surfaces cause a “destructive interference”, of the natural convection airflow pattern necessary for excellent cooking. Vesuvio Woodfired Ovens have perfectly curved interior walls which facilitates ideal airflow.

The floor elements of the oven should fit inside the surrounding walls and overhead crown elements. With a Vesuvio oven, this ensures that the heat in the floor remains within the oven and is not lost through the floor and surrounding structure. The cooking floor should also contain a high content of alumina which gives the ovens two very important features; total lack of foreign smells and tastes and perfect cooking of pizzas & baked dishes.

A Vesuvio Woodfired Oven’s opening size balances the needs for visibility, functionality & thermal efficiency. Excessively large oven openings are thermally inefficient and require more fuel.

The Ovens

Are the ovens wood fired only or can gas be used?
Vesuvio Wood Fired Ovens may be used as wood only, wood/gas combination or gas burner only.

What are the ovens made from?
Vesuvio Woodfired Ovens are made from the finest quality refractory materials able to withstand the highest temperatures. The cooking floor is made from 100% naturally quarried cotto clay quarried from the hills of Tuscany. The cooking floor contains a high content of alumina, perfectly smoothed which gives the ovens two very important features; total lack of foreign smells & tastes, perfect cooking of pizzas, baked dishes & an array of different foods.

How long do the ovens last? Do they come with a warranty?
Vesuvio Woodfired Ovens come with a manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years. They are highly durable and, with care, will last for many years to come. Our ovens have been in production for over 60 years, many have been installed in Italy for decades and are still functional.

Where are your ovens made?
Vesuvio Wood Fired Ovens are made in Reggello, Florence, Italy, in the foot hills of Tuscany.

I have seen ovens that are not a dome – do I need a dome shaped oven?
To achieve the best cooking results you do need a dome shaped oven. In a dome shaped oven, the flame rolls around the roof, creating the perfect amount of radiant heat. When other shapes are used, it compromises the cooking process and is not as effective.

Is a clay cooking floor in a wood fired oven better than a concrete one?
Absolutely. Clay has been used for wood fired ovens since the very first ovens were built in Pompeii over 3,000 years ago. Cement ovens and in particular, cement cooking floors, do not retain their heat as well as clay, and cement ovens will wear over time as cement is not made to withstand the natural expansion that occurs when the oven is fired such as clay is. A cement oven may contain chemicals and a cement cooking floor may also produce foreign smells and tastes.


Do you deliver?
Our ovens are able to be shipped Australia Wide, New Zealand & Internationally.

How long will it take from placing an order to receiving the oven – do you always have the ovens in stock?
We have a shipment of ovens arriving approx every 3-8 weeks ensuring our stock levels are quite high.

How heavy is the oven? Will I need assistance when it is delivered?
Depending on the size of the wood fired pizza oven, the weight ranges from 500kg – 2500kg. The GR Series ovens are in modular form and it is possible to lift each piece. As the OT, Igloo and Verace Serie ovens are fully assembled, a lifting aid is required.

Assembly & Installation

Do the ovens come assembled or require assembling?
Our Commercial GR Series come in modular form for ease of installation – no heavy lifting machinery is required and ovens come with full installation instructions. Our Commercial OT Series, Commercial Igloo and Commercial Verace wood fired ovens come pre-assembled and ready for use once the flue/ventilation has been installed.

Is a base required?
Yes, due to the sheer weight of the ovens, the ovens must be supported by a base. Stands are available for all ovens.

How are the ovens installed? Do you need a professional?
We recommend the GR Serie wood fired ovens are installed by a professional builder. Our team of professional tradespeople are able to assist in the installation process if required. If gas is being installed, a licenced gas fitter must be used.

What is the best height for my oven?
The best working height for your oven is 1.2m from the ground to the opening of the oven.

How much space does the oven need?
The smallest foot print for a commercial wood fired pizza oven is 1600x1600mm for the GR 100 and the largest base for the oven GR180 which is 2400x2400mm. When considering the amount space required for the oven your must also the considered the position of the oven, for example is it on an angle and also the external finishing and housing required.

Can the oven be flued into an extraction system?
Yes it can. Each installation is different and this needs to be considered on an individual basis. When installing the oven consideration needs to be given to building and council regulations, the position of the oven and the ventilation system already in place. We can help tailor a solution that is best suited for your requirements.

Is permanent ventilation required for the oven?
Yes, the oven requires permanent ventilation as air needs to be able to flow through the opening.

Care & Maintenance

Do the ovens require regular cleaning?
There is very little maintenance involved. Cleaning of ashes is required occasionally & when the oven is cold using a brass bristle brush. At no time should water be used to clean inside the oven. The flue must be cleaned on a regular basis – we recommend cleaning the flue every 3 months.

Do I need to cure the oven?
Yes, all Vesuvio Wood Fire Ovens need curing before use. At Vesuvio Wood Fired Ovens, we recommend you let your oven sit for 7 days after you have completed building it. Then over the next 5 days, starting with a low temperature of approx. 100oC and increasing this by 100oC each day up to 500oC, build a fire and sustain it for the day. Try to maintain the temperature as you do not want a high temperature fire straight away. The best way to check the temperature is with an infrared thermometer.

Using the Oven

What type of wood is required?
We recommend using box wood or iron bark in our wood fired ovens. Also you can use aromatic wood such as hickory, mesquite or apple wood. It is important not to use treated wood or wood that has a moisture content of more than 20%.

How much wood can I expect to use?
Wood consumption will depend on which oven you are using and to the extent the oven is being used. As a guideline, 7 kg of wood per hour to maintain a temperature of 350oC is considered average use for a pizza restaurant. As the ovens have excellent heat retention, very little wood is required after it has reached temperature.

Is the oven environmentally friendly?
When used according to manufacturers guidelines and the correct wood is used (as described above), Vesuvio Wood Fired Ovens are carbon neutral.

How long does it take to cook a pizza?
Depending upon your dough, it only takes 2-3 minutes.

What other foods can be cooked in a woodfired oven?
It is possible to cook not only pizza, but a variety of foods such as; poultry, bread, vegetables, roasts, stews, desserts & much more.

How long does it take for the oven to reach cooking temperature?
Typically your Vesuvio Wood Fired Oven will take 1-2 hours to heat up to cooking temperature.

How can I tell if the oven is hot enough?
The ceiling of the oven should be ‘white’, all the soot should have burnt away. You can also use a temperature gauge.

Can I cook on the oven floor or do I need special trays?
Vesuvio Wood Fired Ovens are perfect for cooking pizza on the oven floor.

Is the oven safe to touch when in use?
The outer dome will be safe to touch when the oven is in use.

I am interested using gas only – can I still achieve the wood fired flavours and aroma?
If you are using gas only you may wish to add hickory chips for added aroma and flavour.

After Sale Services

Do you offer training on how to operate the oven?
Yes, our experienced pizza chef can provide on-site training (Sydney & Regional NSW) for both residential and commercial applications to help you achieve the best cooking results from your woodfired oven. (Additional charges may apply). For Interstate & Overseas Customers we are only a phone call away.

Can you supply accessories I need for my wood fired oven?
At Vesuvio Wood Fired Ovens we have a large range of pizza tools and accessories, ensuring you will have all you need for your oven. Please go to the tools page of this website to see our extensive range.

Benefits of a Vesuvio Commercial
Woodfired Pizza Oven

  • Choice of Pre-Cast Modular or Pre Assembled pizza ovens.
  • Presents a spectacular cooking display, adding ambience.
  • Low maintenance cooking.
  • Cost effective operation with a choice of wood only, gas only or gas/wood combination.
  • Fast cooking times – a pizza will cook to perfection in 2-3 minutes.
  • Ability to cook an array of different foods – from pizzas to your complete menu.
  • Enhanced flavours – your customers will love the Versatility – ability to utilise different cooking methods; baking, braising, stewing, sautéing, grilling, moking, roasting, searing in juices, maintaining moisture & flavour, preventing food from drying.
  • Extremely durable and – built to last.
  • Made in and fully imported from Italy.
  • Easy to install.
  • 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.
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