High Performance Woodfired Ovens

Christmas 2016 Promotion

Christmas 2016 Promotion


Vesuvio Woodfired Ovens made in Italy by Valoriani, take our traditional Australia BBQ to an higher level. You can now prepare delicious meat and seafood, slow roasting, tasty vegetables, desserts and especially .. the real Neapolitan Pizza, in your garden for your Christmas Party!

Our woodfired ovens come with an exclusive Italian design that perfectly matches every styles. Exactly like your BBQ, you can place the woodfired oven in your garden, backyard or balcony.

From 01.11.2016 to 24.12.2016 :

  • 1 Exclusive Vesuvio Woodfired Oven made in Italy. Model Standard Baby Valoriani.
  • 1 Meat & Seafood Cooking Class
  • 3 Made in Italy Pizza Tools

Just $3,599.00! Inc. GST
(Value $4,235.00)

* Luxury Baby Valoriani is available with an addition of just + $800.00

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