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Ashfield RSL Sydney, NSW

GR140 x 160

Ashfield recently renovated RSL Club is open for lunch and dinner, 7 days a week and now offering a delicious authentic Italian wood fired pizza and roasted meals, thanks to the Valoriani wood-burning oven.

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Wood Fired - Valoriani Logo

19. Communal bar and eat house oven

Communal Bar and Eat House – Brisbane, QLD

GR140 x 160

Communal Bar & Eat House is a modern bistro style restaurant that embraces the social culture of Brisbanes CBD. The large open-plan kitchen is definitely the feature here and the yellow mosaic Valoriani wood fired oven is a true highlight. 

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18. lindemans winery 1843 harvest

1843 Harvest Cafe, Lindemans Winery – Hunter Valley, NSW 

GR140 x 160

Named after the year the first of the Lindemans vines were planted, 1843 Harvest is the cafe located by the picturesque vineyard in NSW’s Hunter Valley. Their wood fired oven is the main feature of the kitchen producing tasty pizzas, delicious pane de casa and wood fired beef fillet.

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17. Dulcis Domus

Dulcis Domus – Ultimo, NSW 


Dulcis Domus, meaning “Sweet Home” in Latin, is located on Broadway, Sydney. The restaurant caters for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and has a slight rustic meets modern atmosphere. The Valoriani commercial ovens fit in perfectly finished with an earthy render and supported by a sturdy steel base. They also use GI Metal pizza tools for best results.

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8. Grano - Wethrerill Park

Grano – Wetherill Park, NSW 


Grano has a rustic Italian theme with a fresh twist to their menu and a flare for functions and extravagant tasting platers. The Valoriani oven fits right in with its neutral painted render finish and brick base surrounded by hanging dried meats and greenery.

Wood Fired - Valoriani Logo

7. Society Catering - Bondi

Society Catering – Bondi NSW


Society Catering and Bondi Pizza pride themselves on being bold and their wood fire oven is no exception. With strong black and white tiling to match their sleek business image the Valoriani oven brings tradition and modern together.

Wood Fired - Valoriani Logo

16. The Coogee Pavillion

The Coogee Pavilion – Coogee Beach, NSW


This is just one of three Valoriani ovens that are installed at the Coogee Pavilion. With one on each level, the commercial ovens are used for a variety of foods to suit the various menus in this new and bustling Merival venue.

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6. Ironbark - St Marys RSL

Ironbark Terrace & Pizzeria – St Marys Leagues Club, NSW


A perfect area for families and groups, the kitchen of the Ironbark Terrace installed two Valoriani commercial woodfired ovens, powered by gas to keep up with demand. The light multicolored tiles compliment the sunlight terrace with its timber beams and wide open plan.

Wood Fired - Valoriani Logo

15. The Italian Tiled

The Italian – Willoughby, NSW


The GR140 wood-fired oven at The Italian in Willoughby, NSW was originally finished with a simple ivory painted render but has since been updated with a traditional Italian themed tile.

Wood Fired - Valoriani Logo

3. Bel fiore - dural

Bel Fiore Pizzeria – Dural, NSW


The colorful and playful theme of Bel Fiore Pizzeria is not only reserved for the dining area. The painted petals on the wood fired oven add color to the kitchen and has made the oven a prominent feature in both the restaurant and its logo.

Wood Fired - Valoriani Logo

14. The Italian mobile

The Italian Mobile Wood Fired Oven – NSW


The TOP100 is mostly used for residential use, but it is also ideal for installing on a trailer for a mobile business. The Italian in Sydney decided to expand their pizzeria business beyond the walls of their Willoughby restaurant and onto the streets where many hungry customers await!

Wood Fired - Valoriani Logo

4. Fourth Village Providore - Mosman

Fourth Village Providore – Mosman, NSW

GR140 x 160

Producing what Sydney Magazine has called ‘one of Sydney’s top ten pizzas’, Fourth Village Providore prides itself on quality. Their wood fired oven has been encased in marble with a flat finish and surrounded by stainless steel work spaces.

Wood Fired - Valoriani Logo

5. Il Casale

Il Casale Pizzeria Trattoria – Balmain, NSW

GR120 x 160

The owners of this quaint trattoria have gone for a rustic look to complement their interior and style of traditional, rustic Italian cooking.

Wood Fired - Valoriani Logo

10. Fratelli Fresh - Sydney

Fratelli Fresh – Sydney CBD, NSW


Known for having the best ingredients and superb Italian cuisine, it is only natural that the new Fratelli Fresh store would use the finest Italian made, wood fired oven available.

This oven has a sleek, modern mosaic tiled finish which complements the use of red tiles and natural marble in the surrounding workspace.

Wood Fired - Valoriani Logo

Station Bar – Blue Mountains, NSW


This wood fired oven is the stunning focal point of this new bar, which specialises in classic and contemporary wood-fired pizzas.

The soft green mosaic tiling around the base of the oven perfectly complements the stunning pressed metal cladded walls.

Wood Fired - Valoriani Logo

1. Roadies

Roadies Cafe – Gloucester, NSW


This landmark cafe on the NSW Mid-North Coast is well known for its delicious menu and is the perfect setting for a traditional wood fired oven.

These commercial ovens have been built flat into the wall and finished with sleek mosaic tiles, leaving the arch exposed for a dramatic contrast.


Benefits of a Vesuvio Commercial
Woodfired Pizza Oven

  • Choice of Pre-Cast Modular or Pre Assembled pizza ovens.
  • Presents a spectacular cooking display, adding ambience.
  • Low maintenance cooking.
  • Cost effective operation with a choice of wood only, gas only or gas/wood combination.
  • Fast cooking times – a pizza will cook to perfection in 2-3 minutes.
  • Ability to cook an array of different foods – from pizzas to your complete menu.
  • Enhanced flavours – your customers will love the Versatility – ability to utilise different cooking methods; baking, braising, stewing, sautéing, grilling, moking, roasting, searing in juices, maintaining moisture & flavour, preventing food from drying.
  • Extremely durable and – built to last.
  • Made in and fully imported from Italy.
  • Easy to install.
  • 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.
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