Oven Use and Maintenance


Oven Use and Maintenance

Curing Process

All Vesuvio Wood Fire Ovens require curing before use. At Vesuvio Wood Fired Ovens, we recommend you let your oven sit for 5-7 days after you have completed building it. If rendered, ensure render is completely dry before curing. Over the next 5 days, starting with a low temperature of approx. 100℃ and increasing this by 100℃ each day up to 500℃, build a fire and sustain it for the day. Try to maintain the temperature as you do not want a high temperature fire straight away. The best way to check the temperature is with an infrared thermometer. On the 6th day, you may commence cooking.

Cooking Methods

Vesuvio Wood Fired Ovens are extraordinarily versatile and provide you a vast array of cooking options for your menu. What you can cook is only limited by your imagination!


There is very little maintenance involved with a Vesuvio Wood Fired Oven. Cleaning of ashes is required occasionally & when the oven is cold using a brass wire brush. At no time should water be used to clean inside the pizza oven. The flue must be cleaned on a regular basis – we recommend cleaning the flue every 3 months.

Benefits of a Vesuvio Residential Woodfired Pizza Oven

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