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If you’re looking for some thing other than pizza to cook in your wood fired oven, why not try baking your own bread, doing a lamb, beef or pork roast, experimenting with roasted chestnuts, poultry such as chicken wings or thigh fillets or even some seafood and vegetables!

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Valoriani Reveals Secrets To The Perfect Traditional Pizza Dough

Thanks to the pizzeria experts at Valoriani in Italy, here are some tips and answers top your questions about how to create the perfect pizza dough.

Devilled Chicken Wings Recipe

A simple yet tasty recipe for some hot and spicy devilled chicken wings that will have your guests licking their fingers clean and asking for more!

The Attributes of a Traditional Neapolitan Pizza

The modern Pizza was invented in Naples, Italy and has become a common household favourite dish worldwide. However, over time many different cultures have influenced the way pizza is made in many parts of the world, leading to many different varieties, with various toppings and cooked in a variety of ways.
In 2009, by request of passionate Italian pizziaiolos, the authentic Neapolitan pizza was safeguarded in the European Union as a traditional Specialty Guaranteed dish. Today, the authenticity of the neapolitan pizza is determined by the Italian Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, who have set strict regulations and requirements for a pizza to be called Napoletana.

Turkish Bread

Here is an easy recipe for a home made Turkish style bread that you can try in your oven. Cooking time may vary on how you chose to shape and mould your dough, but you’ll be surprised by the flavour of this traditional family recipe.

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