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Devilled Chicken Recipe

Cooking meats and poultry in a wood fired oven is one of the most traditional of cooking methods and results in truly delicious flavour. Here is a simple yet mouth-watering recipe for cooking devilled chicken wings in your wood fired oven. These spicy pieces are so tasty your guests will be licking their fingers and begging for more!

Devilled Chicken Recipe

Preparation time: 5 mins
Cooking time: 25 mins



Coat chicken in a light covering of Olive Oil.

Blend the spices and cover evenly over the chicken pieces. This can be done by either mixing in a bowl or put pieces in a bag, add the spices and shake to cover.

Place the coated chicken in a pan and cover with aluminium foil.

Remove the foil and cook uncovered for a further few minutes to allow the chicken to crisp up to your liking.

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