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Rotating Woodfired Ovens Tuscan Style, NOW In Australia!

Rotating Woodfired Ovens Tuscan Style, NOW In Australia!

Rotating Woodfired Ovens Tuscan Style, NOW In Australia!

Valoriani launches rotating pizza ovens made of Cotto clay tile.

2018 has just begun and as promised to the numerous inquiries received from all over the country, we can finally announce the arrival in the Australian market of the first Rotating Woodfired Oven made in Italy by the world leader Valoriani.

When you decide to invest in equipment it means that you are willing to raise your quality, increase your production and of course optimise costs and staff organization, while increasing your revenue.

If your business is a Pizzeria, your oven is your most important investment. It is going to last for many years and it will determine the success or failure of your restaurant. You can save money on many things but when it comes to the core of your business you should rely on safe and extremely well performing equipment.

Thanks to the continuous research in technology and design, Valoriani was able to produce the Rotating 120, a rotating pizza oven that goes beyond the competition, since some key features have been integrated with the oven, in order to take productivity and efficiency a step ahead.

Rotating 120 – Made In Italy By Valoriani

The main advantages of these rotating woodfired ovens compared to competitors’ brands are:

* Baking floor made of refractory Cotto tile and not of concrete. By combining the utmost knowledge with the centuries-old tradition of working with refractory Tuscan terracotta, Valoriani has created an oven that combines durability and quality with ease of use and assembly, without leaving behind beauty. This particular fire clay retains the heat better and releases the heat slower. It means that you don’t have to stock the fire continuously, translatable in a lower wood (or gas) consumption. The heat is also released more evenly and if you combine this characteristic with the rotating feature, it means that you will have better cooked pizza and bakery.

* Spitfire Gas Burner tailor-made to satisfy the baking requirements of the oven

* R.H.S. ® System (Recycling Heating System) that allows the heat recovery and use, by making it circulate at very high temperatures under the baking floor

* Use of the best insulation materials available on the market

All of these features allow a remarkable consumption saving and an easy achievement of temperature suitable also for Neapolitan Pizza. Moreover, the easy and reliable control panel allows to easily control all the oven function as the baking temperature, the floor rotation speed, the baking time and the temperature of the RHS System.

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